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AN environmental effort - saving redundant furniture from ending up in landfill - has marked its 10th anniversary.

Paul O'Brian and Oli Clarke

Senator's Sustain programme is estimated to have recycled 270,000 items since its launch in 2009.

This equates to 7.5million kg of waste being diverted from tips and more than eight million kilos of carbon dioxide emissions being avoided.

Hyndburn MP Graham Jones, borough Deputy Mayor Cllr Jean Harrison, and ward councillor Stephen Button were on hand for a tour of the 15,000 square foot Altham facility, where the component materials are stripped back and reprocessed or responsibly disposed of.

Oli Clarke, the firm's strategic business projects manager, said: "Sustain is not only helping to protect the environment, it has become a sustainable business in its own right, providing work opportunities while providing a vital service to both customers and the wider community.

"Over the past decade, Sustain has become a zero to landfill entity we are still working on new ways to reduce our impact on the environment – both in terms of our manufacturing processes, our raw materials and in our supply chain."

Senator also donates furniture to charities and not-for-profit organisations, with Burnley FC's community kitchen recently benefitting from tables and chairs.

Mr Clarke added: "As a business, we have invested heavily in green technology and state-of-the-art production planning software to increase the yield of our raw materials."

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