THE Sustain journey began in 2009 with a question. Can we help to protect the environment by diverting redundant furniture from going to landfill.


From those humble beginnings, Sustain has become a crucial part of The Senator Group family that is helping to save the environment but also saving our customers money.

Landfill tax is increasing on an annual basis, so disposing of your waste is going to cost you even more in the future, as well as having a negative perception with your customers.

By continually throwing office furniture away, we are harming the environment, wasting valuable materials and wasting money. 

But now, the waste created has a new route - via Sustain. 

With 40 Years' of manufacturing experience, as part of The Senator Group, Sustain knows what’s what when it comes to the best way to dispose of, dismantle and disassemble unwanted items. 


We consider the lifecycle environmental impacts of our products at every stage – from sourcing the raw materials to installing the finished product. Our business takes a truly holistic approach to the design manufacture supply and reclamation of our products; this as a cyclical process that facilitates continuous improvement


Sustain minimises the environmental impact of waste by providing a closed loop solution, to re-use, re-work or recycle all of your office furniture, end to end. 

The purpose-built 15,000ft2 recycling unit has recycled more than 270,000 items and diverted more than 7.5million kg of waste from landfill since establishing this business. This equates to an emissions saving of 8,790,798 Kg/CO2.​

Save Time, Money and Valuable Resource 


Sustain provides a one-stop solution to decreasing your waste to landfill percentages and helps you to protect the environment whilst contributing to your bottom line. 

We recycle over 1,000 items of furniture each week for our clients.


It costs approximately the same to recycle an item of furniture as it does to simply dispose of it.


That’s because the process of recycling is very labour intensive, however as waste disposal costs rise and our duty to look after the environment increases, organisations are put under ever increasing pressure to be responsible about how they dispose of their unwanted furniture.

Waste packaging

As well as recycling waste furniture, we also recycle waste packaging. Using our Sustain bags, the waste is separated into its individual streams and then recycled.

Sustain is one of the few centres in the UK that processes polystyrene.

We base our packaging approach on the principles of the waste hierarchy, which involves:

  • Reduce (prevention and minimisation): We use minimal packaging on all of our products whilst maintaining or even enhancing its protective qualities to minimise damage to the products. We have significantly reduced and limited the use of cardboard to ship our items; we use robust reprocessed polystyrene corners, recycled nova foam packaging and the product is shrink wrapped before loading and delivery.

  • Re-use: We re-use packaging wherever possible and in line with structured guidelines. For example, the polystyrene corners that we use on our desk panels can be re-used up to five times without reducing in quality.

  • Recycle: Our recycling process is comprehensive – we can recycle all waste packaging materials, including polystyrene. Furthermore, there are no single-use plastics used in our products or packaging.

Thanks to our innovative Sustain Bags, any waste packaging can be returned to Sustain, on our innovative double-decked trailers used to deliver furniture, so it can be processed without creating additional emissions.

By these actions, Sustain and the wider Senator Group, have become sustainability pioneers within the UK manufacturing industry and we are setting the standard for green manufacturing.



Sustain has recycled more than 270,000 items over the

past 10 years


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